Fuck The Gas!

Mint or Treat

The unique project "Friday the 13th"
999 Digital Arts Collection. You'll go crazy with fear, we promise.
Sale 0.0666Ξ on 16.10.2021 + ZERO GAS!!!
(automatic cashback when minting tokens)
when night falls on the city the worst nightmares come to life ...
Usual rainy Friday morning in London. John will participate in the hockey country championship. He’s trying to find his goalie helmet, but something going wrong… He looked everywhere, but couldn’t find it.
Suddenly thunder begins, John calls his wife, but nobody answered.
He went to the bedroom and saw outstanding things.
Machete is lying on the bed close to his wife’s leg. Other body parts are on the floor, not a funny picture. John crying, calling his son, went to the bathroom and saw here Freddy, Hellraiser and Slenderman killing him.
John woke up. His wife is with him, everything is ok, but John forgot to mint 3 more maniacs and they will meet him tomorrow. Ha-ha-ha
A message from NFT GOD for you, yes - yes, for you:

Enough meaningless pictures, only FEAR, only hardcore!

Presale 100 tokens "F13": 0.0666Ξ + ZERO GAS!!!

(automatic cashback when minting tokens )


The start of sales of unique NFT "Friday the 13th"

Sale 0.0666Ξ on 16.10.2021 + ZERO GAS!!!

(automatic cashback when minting tokens )


Horrors Of Chaos

The horrors you've only seen in your dreams will be realesed on 21th of October. Additional collection. Free mint for F13 holders.



The prize fund is $ 1,000. 100 dollar award for the horror tattoo with "F13" heroes



Private club for holders. Merch for members of the Order.



6 666$ will go to Charity to Fight Violence Against Women (CARE Foundation)


the final for Holders F13

at 100% sales. Filming begins for a short horror film about our Friday 13. Only F13 token holders will be able to watch the episode, which will also fuel demand for NFT tokens in the secondary market.

DreamTeam for the Friday the 13th

Community manager





Team lead
Solidity dev
Hey dude!

What are you doing on the 13th october?
Where do I get those?
Here you can get the Metamask wallet. It has mobile apps for iOS and Android. As well as a browser extension for Chrome (Desktop).
How much does 1 F13 cost?
0.0666 ETH + gas fees (during the presale, the cost of gas spent for mint will be automatically compensated)
What do I need to purchase my first NFT?
You will need Ethereum (cryptocurrency) and an Ethereum compatible wallet. Such as Metamask.
Where do I get those?
->> Here << you can get the Metamask wallet. It has mobile apps for iOS and Android. As well as a browser extension for Chrome (Desktop).
How to Mint on a smartphone?
Step 1 - Open Metamask
Step 2 - Open Menu to reveal "Browser"
Step 3 - Enter  https://13f.io/ in the search bar
Step 4 - Unlock your wallet
Step 5 - Mint
Step 6 - Go to your profile page on  https://opensea.io/. There you will see freshly minted NFTs.
You have multiple options on how to acquire Ethereum:
1. Purchase Ethereum via the Metamask app. Simply by using Apple Pay or debit card. Click on the "buy" button in the app's main screen and follow simple instructions
2. Also, this article may help you to find the alternative options How to buy the DAW Collection?
Step 1: Download and install Ethereum wallet. For example, Metamask. Suitable for smartphone and desktop.
Step 2: Deposit some Ethereum to your wallet
Step 3: Wait till the minting day
Step 4: Go to https://13f.io/
Step 5: Choose the amount of NFTs you desire to purchase
Step 6: Click on the "Mint" button. Confirm the transaction. On the desktop the Metamask extension will pop-up with the confirmation message. Also you need to have some extra Ethereum in order to proceed the transaction. As you will pay the gas fees to miners.
Step 7: Go to https://opensea.io/. Login with the Metamask wallet and check your freshly minted NFTs of the "DAW" Collection on profile page.
Step 8: Share your NFTs in Discord, Twitter or any other social media.